Next Generation NLP Practitioner

NLPN = Neuro = Linguistic P = Programming


WARNING!....this list is just that and by no means is it exhaustive.

My trainings are designed and delivered with a focus on you and your individual outcomes.

Some topics you can expect to learn

Classic & New Code distinctions                                                                

Calibration & pattern detection

Pacing and leading

States' elicitation

Perceptual positions 

Sub modalities 

Anchoring & well formed conditions for outcomes

Circles of Excellence

Unconscious yes / no signals

Internal dialogue


Limiting Beliefs 

Phobia Cure

Swish patterns




NLP is not a fixed set of step by step instructions owned by any specific person or company.

NLP is like a gap analysis. It is not a fixed thing that can be boxed or one process fits a certain problem.

NLP is an evolving, ongoing ever changing thing. As human beings we are not all the same.

We have many different patterns we use in different contexts on an hourly and daily basis.

NLP is an incredible amazing and powerful way to create choices and

achievements across multiple areas of your life that you have never been able to have before.  

NLP is about modelling human excellence.

Modelling excellence of how outstanding people do amazing, incredible things every day. 

People  often look at them in awe, reference them as being extremely clever or talented

'They must come from good genes. They just seem to do things effortlessly.' 

NLP unpacks the processes of what and how outstanding achievers do what they do.

By doing this you can achieve outstanding results through the modelling of those processes. 

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Who  should attend?

Business Owners

Mums & Dads

Health Practitioners


Police Officers






Uni Students

Everyone can benefit from learning NLP!

If you are serious about wanting to improve relationships, change your life, learn new skills, improve communication, grow your business, enhance your well being, live a fulfilled and happier life,

then  Next Generation NLP is for you!

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